My name is Petra and I am following my heart’s desire to do what I love doing. That is creating a safe place for people to discover the hidden truths of their behaviour, experiences, and use these to resource themselves for creating a forward movement.

Being a Systemic Constellations Practitioner, Life Coach, working with EFT, NLP and other mindfulness and body-based models I can be ‘useful’ (as Dr Edith Eger likes putting it) for you to work through your difficulties, obstacles, whatever you might be facing.

My journey to this field was rather long and enriched with different detours. However the journey of personal work is never over.

Having experiences working in childcare, education, marketing, the corporate world, the construction industry, I noticed what a positive impact it has on people’s attitude and mood when they are truly listened to, without judgement, and they feel safe enough to express their concerns and worries. This is a liberating feeling that is benefiting everyone, if it is allowed to happen.

The Mind-Body-Heart (Soul) connection is an important part of my work. If we put too much focus on one that will create an imbalance that can manifest in difficulties, troubles. Just as if we put too much focus on our work life, our personal (family life) might pay the cost. The key is balance, and knowing how to keep the balance that is serving us in the most possible way.

Once I learned and experienced how to keep my balance by learning and understanding the past and connecting to our higher self, I was able to reconnect with myself in the present moment. That started to transform my experiences and offered a better and deeper understanding of myself. That is something I am also helping my clients to do.

I believe that when we look at our problems we need to acknowledge and see them as part of a bigger system, how do they fit it with our beliefs, values, history. What will it cost us to change them and create new patterns, and what might be holding us back from making such changes.

My journey so far: 

  • Masters in English Language and Literature/ Hungarian Language and Literature/Pedagogy/Psychology
  • Certificate in Child Psychology
  • Systemic Constellations Practitioner (trained with The Centre for Systemic Constellations
  • Volunteering for the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring)
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner training with Dr Richard Bandler; (NLP Society)
  • Hypnosis workshop with Paul McKenna, one of the UK leading hypnotherapist;
  • Training in nonviolent communication;
  • Training in an Emotional Freedom Technique;
  • Completed training in the Silva Method
  • Inner child work

It is really wonderful how all these different disciplines can help you to get out of your old patterns, create new ones, so you can start living life on your own terms. 

Sometimes the first steps outside of our comfort zone are scary and we are reluctant to step out. With compassion and self-love we are able to reconnect with ourselves and our powerful resources to enjoy and live life fully. 

Once we have the awareness and the acceptance, then we can start making a difference. 

Mind, body, soul alignment, family constellations, EFT, self-help in London, UK