My name is Petra and I have always been interested in understanding why people do what they do and help them to see beyond their actions.  When we better understand ourselves, our actions and what’s behind them, we start seeing the potential that opens up to us. We become connected again, we feel that we belong.

During our work together I create a safe space where you will be able to really uncover the hidden dynamics behind your actions, and with that you will be able to choose the best possible way forward towards your goals.

My journey up to this point – to create Empfinity, wasn’t an easy and straightforward journey. After gaining my master’s degree in English and Hungarian language I decided to move to London, UK. I started working in Childcare then moved into Education where I stayed for a couple of years. Despite really enjoying every minute of it, I felt a pull to make a change to find what I am really passionate about.

With the gained experiences in Childcare and Education I moved into Marketing (still connected to education in a broader aspect). Wherever I went I always found a role where I offered support to people. I noticed what a positive impact it has on people’s attitude and mood when they are truly listened to, without judgement, and they feel safe enough to express their concerns and worries. This is a liberating feeling that is benefiting everyone, if it is allowed to happen.

My friend suggested that I look into coaching. I was a little bit reluctant – not about my friend’s suggestion but about my skills. It was something new I never thought of doing and yet felt familiar. So I completed a 2-year training in coaching. But this was just the beginning. I became more interested in other methods that I can integrate into my work and help on a deeper level. NLP, non-violent communication, Silva-method, EFT just a few to mention. The biggest impact on my work was left by a 2 year training in Systemic constellations. This was the missing piece.

My interest is human behaviour, psychology and energy medicine also guided me towards Therapeutic Coaching. Therapeutic Coaching integrates key principles of EFT, Systemic Constellations, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, developmental psychology. It allows me to help you to learn about what you’re feeling, why you might be feeling it, and how to cope and how to apply your newly found skills in the future.

Having a background in Childcare, Education and a short time in the corporate world, I experienced how important it is helping people to see their potential for taking the next step. I believe that when we acknowledge our place in the system we are part of, it brings along enormous energies that create changes. This is what’s guiding me in my work.

Despite the surface differences, that is often enough for people to judge, there are fundamental similarities in us: we want to be seen, we want to be heard, we want to be understood, we want to belong! Let’s start with seeing ourselves in a different light, listening to what we tell ourselves, help us understand us and allow ourselves to belong.

The transformation starts within. When we acknowledge how interconnected we are with our environment, we are able to make better decisions that not just benefit us, but also our environment.


  • Masters in English Language and Literature/ Hungarian Language and Literature/Pedagogy/Psychology
  • Certificate in Child Psychology
  • Systemic Constellations Practitioner (trained with The Centre for Systemic Constellations
  • Volunteering for the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring)
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner training with Dr Richard Bandler; (NLP Society)
  • Hypnosis workshop with Paul McKenna, one of the UK leading hypnotherapist;
  • Trained in nonviolent communication;
  • Trained in an Emotional Freedom Technique;
  • Completed training in the Silva Method
  • Inner child work

Sometimes the first steps outside of our comfort zone are scary and we are reluctant to step out. With compassion and self-love we are able to reconnect with ourselves and our powerful resources to enjoy and live life fully. 

Once we have the awareness and the acceptance, then we can start making a difference. 

Mind, body, soul alignment, family constellations, EFT, self-help in London, UK