I believe our best guide is within us. You also have this special guide within. When we know how to synergies with it, our life takes a turn. We feel more grounded, more whole, more present, compassionate. We become better communicator, better partners, better parents, better at what we do. 

Through my own experiences and of those around me identified certain areas of Transformation that you can use as a ‘helping hand’ when focusing on your own personal growth, healing.

It is like a Journey. Journey through life. You can focus on the different areas depending on what your needs are at any given time. With an easy transit between the areas you can reach that what you need the most at the given moment. We are expanding our consciousness to live a more present and connected life.

  1. Be Present – to be aware of the now, accept it.
  2. Be Curious – when we know how to be present we can get curious about the roots, the origins.
  3. Be Creative – after you recognised and dealt with the old patterns, you can start creating new ones, which will bring forward a different result.
  4. Be Free of Expectations – when we are expecting certain results, we are getting too attached to it, and therefore a block is created. When we learn to let go, we create more space for the new to come in. We allow it to happen.
  5. Be Patient & Compassionate – above all, be patient and compassionate with yourself and the process. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, the transformation to become visible needs time to unfold.

I can help with:

addictiondivorce and separationpersonal development
anxiety and fearguilt and shamephobias
body imagehealth relatedrelationships difficulties
(romantic, family, professional…)
career/work related issuesincest and violencesecrets
changing habitsinner critic, inner child difficultiesself image
communication skillslife purpose/life pathself-sabotage
confusion (depression)loneliness and isolationspirituality
creative blockslow moodstress management
cultural issues (cross-cultural relationship)low self-confidencetrauma
death and losslow self-esteemweight management
difficult early experiences (childhood)major life changes

How we can work together:

Let’s embark on the journey.