S. R.

“As a newcomer to EFT, Petra immediately put me at ease. Petra has a very gentle and caring approach and I felt very safe during our session. The therapeutic effects of my work with her are still with me”.


V. U.

“I found the EFT session really interesting. Although my session was conducted online, it still felt emotionally quite powerful. Petra’s presence and manner felt very safe, reassuring and calming, and she was very sensitive to my responses. I have only had one EFT session, but already it feels as though there has been quite a significant impact and a sense of things starting to unblock”.  VU

Andrea M.

“Petra is an absolutely wonderful ‘Constellator’. She has a great sense and approach to find a resolution. I always find peace after our family constellations session”. Andrea M.

Cristina V.

“It simply brings me joy to work with Petra. First of all, beyond her skills as a Coach, she is such a wonderful human being where her ability to understand and share your feelings comes out as a natural sense for her.

As a Coach she is always curious, devoting her time and attention to gaining knowledge in what’s new in the field and how she can apply or share a new technique with you. I haven’t left any session with Petra not feeling better or clearer with my challenges”.

William B.

“I worked with Petra for almost 3 years and her people skills never ceased to amaze me. She is the best listener I have ever met and is always happy to lend an ear come rain or shine. Whenever I faced difficulties, I knew all I had to do was speak to Petra and I would feel more confident and empowered to take on the challenge and succeed. She really knows how to make people discover their best selves and tackle problems with self-assurance. I just wish I knew how she does it. Perhaps it’s her warm, calm demeanour, or it could be her wise words offered from an objective viewpoint. Whatever it is, it certainly works”. 

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