Julie Brewster

I’d heard of EFT and understood there was tapping involved but wasn’t sure about where to tap or why. Petra explained the process and reasons, we talked through an issue and did some tapping. I had been very stressed about the situation. By the end of the EFT session I felt calm about the situation. I knew I could handle it with ease. The tapping unblocked my concerns and released ideas I could take forward to deal with the situation.

Petra’s voice and tone were calming during the session, which helped. I would highly recommend Petra for EFT.

Julie Brewster, HR Consultant and Coach

Grainne McAnallen

“Thank you so much for the work we have done together. It was truly profound, not only shifting my perception of the situation I brought to the session, but revealing and improving my understanding of my own unconscious drivers. I am blown away by the insights I received in an hour and deeply appreciative of your sensitivity and intuition which supported this deep exploration. I look forward to working with you again. With gratitude and appreciation”. Grainne

S. R.

“As a newcomer to EFT, Petra immediately put me at ease. Petra has a very gentle and caring approach and I felt very safe during our session. The therapeutic effects of my work with her are still with me”.


V. U.

“I found the EFT session really interesting. Although my session was conducted online, it still felt emotionally quite powerful. Petra’s presence and manner felt very safe, reassuring and calming, and she was very sensitive to my responses. I have only had one EFT session, but already it feels as though there has been quite a significant impact and a sense of things starting to unblock”.  VU

Andrea M.

“Petra is an absolutely wonderful ‘Constellator’. She has a great sense and approach to find a resolution. I always find peace after our family constellations session”. Andrea M.

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