Be present and get what you need

The idea to write this post came to me while I was sitting at Saddler’s Wells Theatre watching Stefan Jovanovic: ‘Constellations’.

My life’s been going through a big transformation. I could sense that a cycle is coming to an end and a new one is about to start. However, the transition can be sometimes excruciating. This was my case. My mind was constantly looking for answers and possibilities. It wanted to know what’s next, where to go from here. My ego wanted to know the next step.

Eckhart Tolle in ‘Practising the Power of Now’ writes that

‘The ego is always concerned with keeping the past alive, because without it – Who are you? It constantly projects itself into the future to ensure its continued survival and to seek some kind of release or fulfilment there.‘

’The present moment holds the key to liberation.’

So, there you go. I was looking for answers but those weren’t coming. At least not as fast as I wished them to come. What I felt was frustration and fear. My friend offered me to took her ticket for this performance, as she couldn’t make it anymore. This came at the right time. I always liked to go to the theatre, so I said yes.

I am not sure how much you know about Stefan Jovanic – the honest truth is that I didn’t know anything at the time!!

Well, after this one performance I can tell, I have never seen anything like this performance before. It was a very VERY contemporary piece of work. The audience was part of the play straight from the beginning. The actors were constantly making an active connection with the members of the audience. This was obvious when they invited them to dance! I loved this part!

Secretly, I also wanted to be asked to dance and at the same time my inner critic has already started telling me how embarrassing it would be. I never did ballroom dancing. I have experience with belly dancing only. And what a victory it was for me when I got this critic shut up by accepting the invitation for a dance. My heart was filled with joy. I was truly present at the moment! As Eckhart Tolle said ‘ The present moment holds the key to liberation.’

Then and there it was true for me.

When I realized that this play was going to be completely different from any plays I’ve seen so far, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to stay until the end. However, my curiosity was so much stronger! Therefore I suspended my disbelief and opened myself up to anything that lied ahead.

If you wish, I stepped out of my comfort zone. 🙂 Clearly remember saying a silent prayer to surrender myself to the unknown: ‘Ok. Here I am. I don’t know why. I accept that I don’t know the reason, at least I am working on it. I am willing to receive whatever message I need to receive at this moment that holds the next clue for me.

After saying letting go of my discomfort, I felt a massive relief in my heart. A burden was lifted off my shoulders.

Shortly after this, the actors started sharing with the audience what they felt at that moment. It was improvised. They really shared how they felt and what they experienced in that moment. A minute later, they started asking the audience to share their experiences. How wonderful it was!

So, I am asking you dear reader,

What do you feel at this moment? What sensations do you notice in your body?

Take a deep breath. It helps if you keep your eyes closed and focus only on the question. And let the answers to come.

So, how was it? Wasn’t it nice to be truly present at the moment? To experience the power of having your full attention in the now!

Personally, I love it. When I feel overwhelmed or just feel that too much is going on, I take some time out to check in with myself and the present moment. It might be strange at the beginning, but just like with anything new we start. The more we do it, the better we become 🙂

By the end of the play I was truly enjoying the present moment. And when the singer invited the audience to join him and the rest of the actors for a line dance, I knew I wanted to do it. My aim was to kind of blend in with the others and be somewhere at the back, so those members of the audience who chose not to join the line dance wouldn’t see me.

And can you guess where I found myself? Yeah, you are right.

In the very FIRST LINE!!

When I realized I just laughed and decided not to worry about what they might think about my dance moves (which weren’t Fred Aster-like). I was fully present in the moment and allowing the positive energies touch my heart and soul.

When the evening was over and I was on my way home, I didn’t feel much wiser about my path then before. I didn’t have an epiphany of great ideas coming my way.

No, I didn’t get what I wanted. Instead I got something much more powerful and priceless:

I got what I needed!

We don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need at the given moment of life.

If you are going through similar experiences:

  • Be open to the unknown, it is scary only until you have a closer look at it
  • Be present at the moment and enjoy them as those are the only moments where you can experience the Now
  • Suspend your disbelief
  • Pay attention to the sensations in your body

Written by Petra J.

Date: June 2019


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