Do you really need proof?

A while ago somebody asked me what I thought about the following situation:

Imagine that there is a forest. A big vast green forest. No human being is around. All of a sudden one of the trees falls down. What do you think? Does it make a noise? Does it make a noise even though nobody is around. Therefore nobody can confirm that there was a noise when the tree had fallen down? 

(I hope I remember the question correctly)

This made me really think back then and recently this thought came back to me again. I wonder why? Maybe to reflect on the time passed since this conversation happened? I am sure time will tell. 🙂

We live in a 3D world. We were taught that if I can see it and touch than it’s real. How many times you heard that ‘I believe it when I see it’ or ‘Prove it to me and I will believe’. Yeah, there are certain areas where proving things is important – for example the legal system. You have to have a proof when introducing a case.

However you can’t have a proof for everything in life. Sometimes all we have is faith. If we always knew everything, there wouldn’t be a need to have faith.  Do I really need a proof to know that somebody cares about me? That I am loveable? That I can follow my heart’s calling only if…?

Challenge yourself by asking:

Where does this feeling come from?

Who is saying that I need to prove that I am loveable?

What is the purpose of this?

No, it isn’t about taking a side in the ‘game of right-wrong’. It is about aligning your core values with your intentions. And seeing the truth. 

We can’t change anything in our life until we don’t accept what is already there. 

Just like when your internet is down and the service provider needs to check the situation before they proceed with the right steps to solve the problem. (This happened to me recently and it wasn’t an easy process 🙂 )

We have to stop and look. And see, sometimes, the uncomfortable truth. On the Systemic Constellation training I attended last year the following sentence stayed with me:

Seeing the truth is healing to the soul.

Seeing the truth is healing to the soul. Family constellations in London, UK

Facing the truth is not always easy. Usually it is hard and painful. But once you do it, you will see that the initial pain will pass and you experience a freedom in your soul, you never experienced before. You are growing and transforming.

True transformations impact us on a much deeper level. Our core is shaken and we question everything we have achieved so far, the decisions we made so far. Just like when an earthquake hits our home, and the foundation of our house is being tested. Is it strong enough to whitstand the strength of vibrations and aftershocks? If the foundations are strong enough, if we are really aware of who we are, and what our core values are, then we lose only that part of our ‘house’, what needed an ‘upgrade.’

Inner compass, self love, transformation

It isn’t easy, but it is possible to come out stronger and healthier from such ‘earthquakes’ of our life. We always have people around us who support us and help us. They can be part of our everyday life, or they can be following a different path for the time being. But they are still holding space for us in their heart.

And somebody holding space is the most important thing we can have when we are in the healing process. Also to offer, when someone close to us is going through such process. 

Whether we see it or not, we can help each other by either being there in a physical form or just by our thoughts (energies).

Facing the truth isn’t always easy but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out and ask for help. 

Written by Petra J.

Date: January 2020

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