An unexpected turn – Poem

Sunrise over the sea
Sunrise over the sea

During my family constellations training a lot of focus was placed on the phenomenological aspect of the work. Meaning, we need to notice the sensations in our body, get in touch with our feelings, rather than trying to have a rational explanation of what’s going on.

Following a gentle nudging I’ve been feeling for a while to write a short story, I ended up with this poem. Expect the unexpected. 🙂


by Petra J.

I am broken, I am weak. I am on my knees.

Something is gone and something is waiting to be born. 

They want me to be my old self – that cheerful, weightless soul. 

Is that part of me gone?

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings. 

Breathe. The fire within has been ignited.

Breathe. The strength within is coming to life. 

Breathe. Watch. And Wait.

Transformation is taking place. 

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings. 

They’re all around me, cheering me on,

The Strength is alive and the Energy passed on. 

They’re giving me a hand and it’s feeding my Fire. 

Wait and see what’s on the Horizon. 

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings.

You have broken me free. You have set my soul free.

No, it wasn’t just You. 

Me too; had my part in it, too. 

We did this together. We set our souls free. 

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings.

The Phoenix is awake, ready to rise.

Leave that what’s not serving you behind.

Take that what helps you to rise.

Be your true self. Don’t be shy. 

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings.

We are all in it together, 

Let’s hold hands and help each other.

Respect. Love. Appreciation. 

Comes from within; feeds generations.

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings.

The Phoenix is rising. Spread your wings. 

Life is awaiting, Make your wish. 

You have the answers you are looking for.

Remember: the Phoenix is rising, wait no more!

You are That Phoenix, make your choice!

The rising Phoenix. Self-awareness, family constellations

Date: June 2020



  1. Really nice, Petra. I am sure this will resonate with a lot of people right now, who are endeavouring to refind their place in the universe – or otherwise start to find it, if they never sought in the first place.


    • Thank you Matt. We are all doing our best. Once we reconnect with who we truly are, things start to change. Though to reconnect we need to let part of ourselves go to make space for the rebirth to take place. The responsibility is ours.


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